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What shall we do if the measurement is inaccurate?

The location of Scale may affect accuracy. Please make sure Scale is placed on flat and hard surface.

Note: It should be most accurate to measure the body in the morning or with less dress. And please pay attention to the following:

1)Remove your shoes and socks before proceeding. You must have bare feet to take this measurement;

2)Do not leave or shake Scale during measurement; 

3)Step off Scale until LED screen data is stable

What are the factors that may lead to inaccurate body composition?

The following conditions may lead to inaccurate measurement:


2)drink a lot of alcohol;

3)do strenuous exercise;

4)drink a lot of water;


6)after a bath or sauna.

Scale can be used by myself only? How to use Scale for other family members?

PHICOMM Smart Scale S7 supports multiple users.

Method 1:

An APP account is allowed to add more family members for data management: tap on avatar icon on home screen, select Sharing scale to add family members to share Scale; or select Member management on My Tab page to add family members to share Scale, ten persons is allowed for one account.

Method 2:

Maximum of 10 APP accounts is allowed to bind one Scale, other member users may bind S7 via scanning QR code of the first user.

What shall we do if it is prompted that Scale binding is failed?

If network configuration is failed, the possible reasons could be:

Wrong WIFI account and password;

Unstable network connection during configuration;

WIFI hotspot is updated or router password is changed.

If the configuration is failed, please back to upper level menu and re-enter WIFI account and password.

If the binding of Scale and APP via scanning QR code is failed, the possible reasons could be:

Wrong QR code for scanning;

Network exception is occurred during binding.

If “Please check your network connection” is prompted, please check the network connection; if “QR code is invalid” is prompted, please re-scan a valid QR code.

How to bind Scale with APP?

You may bind Smart Scale S7 with PHICOMM Health APP by the following methods:

Method 1: If Scale is in RESET status,light is flashing and WIFI indicator is flashing on the screen. Please configure WIFI information for Scale, and bind Scale with APP.

Method 2: If Scale is configured with WIFI (WIFI indicator is on), bind Scale with APP via scanning QR code generated from other Users’ APP (located on “Device” page).